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Things for Sale in Doncaster was founded on the 21st April 2011 as a Facebook page. Initially a small group of friends wanting to sell their unwanted items.

The concept quickly became successful and the friends small idea began to grow. Through word of mouth and friends of friends ‘Things For Sale In Doncaster’ rapidly expanded meaning that, over the last year it has matured to attracting over 2 million posts per month and continues to spread its influence over the UK.

The Facebook aspect of the business currently has over 15,000 ‘likes’. The ‘like’ function of Facebook essentially allows the business to appear on any profile page that has ‘liked’ it – after using it for example. This therefore creates a knock on effect meaning friends of friends on Facebook can see the business thus increasing exposure exponentially through even a single customer.

Currently likes are being gathered by the business at a rate of over 1,000 per month.

Our latest innovation saw the launch of the business’s own website and official Facebook partnership with radio station Sine FM, and sister page Things For Sale In Rotherham allowing for far greater versatility in service provision and more crucially, the inclusion of yourself – our prospective client – in advertising your company with our extensive exposure to your target market.

The site brings together literally thousands of people from in and around Doncaster in buying and selling all manner of items and you could be advertising your business to them with our great range of service packages!

Things for sale in Doncaster

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